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I mean…where do I start? With everything going on today in media I wanted to make a ‘feel good track‘ with a feel good picture and completely ignore negativity IN GENERAL. I actually didn’t even want to write that just now, because then your subconscious reminds you that it exists… So forget that second sentence please AND DO NOT skim back up to see if it was in fact the ‘second sentence’ because then you’ll be forced to re-read what I asked you to forget! You already did it huh? This isn’t helping…

Jaron and JoyFirst 2015 Video!

ANYWAY on a better note! It’s the first post of 2015 and I hope your first four days have been awesome, if not… Can’t really do much for you from here except point you in the direction of the video above. Good news though, you don’t have to go far. I’m going to grab my ‘speech to text’ headset because I feel like saying a lot, MUCH faster if that makes sense…

(Walks Away)

My Plot

Now some time ago I learned that when you try getting rid of something you struggle with like anger, nervousness, fear, addiction or even poverty, the key to it’s a elimination is taking your mind off the subject matter completely. The more you literally try ignoring something that may be bothering you, it becomes more thought-provoking which then causes it to become more difficult to fight. To put it in simple terms, anything you resist, will persist.

So really, the best way to counteract the dominating negative thoughts in your brain is to DISTRACT them with some form of positivity. The same way a NEGATIVE event or thought can distract a GOOD MOOD in a matter of seconds(because your mind was completely thrown off by it…) It works the same way! It throws the mind off entirely to the point where you almost forget you had problems to begin with! This can be done with comedy, a fun group of friends, hitting the lottery… or my favorite… MUSIC!


Daddy Issues..

I was taking care of my daughter the other day and I couldn’t stop listening to WAVES by Mr. Probz to save my life. This is in reference to the Robin Schulz mix. The vibe I get from that song is so relaxing it makes me forget about anything going wrong in my life so I thought to myself, why not do a cover to the song. My only problem was I had my daughter and she has a unique way of letting every single person know she’s in the building at unforeseeable times.

Me and Joy CHEESINGSo as I’m recording the song she clearly did not want to be left out so I thought why not just throw all her unpredictable outbursts and rants right over the track while I’m rapping to “THROW EVERYONE’S MIND OFF” subconsciously. I did just that, gave her a fake rap name(well my older brother did) and here you have it, my Waves Cover featuring my daughter Joy (J-Dubb)




  • Greg says:

    I really like the rap. The cover is good mate. Music is a labour of love thought. Hope to see more of you. Good luck greg

  • got a little star on your hands

  • Freddie says:

    Great feel to this sight, very positive. I like your approach to taking your mind off something negative by replacing it with something positive. Although I know nothing about rap, do know that J-Dub is an ear-catcher and attention getter. Thanks for sharing, enjoyed your post and video.

  • Jenny says:

    Hi Jaron! That song is great. I’d never heard it before. I love your positive attitude! You are totally right…the more you dwell on negative things, the more they fill your life. Looking forward to seeing what else you post!

  • Chris says:

    I love how you distract a negative with a positive. That is a great mindset to have. It sounds redundant but you can really take any negative and make it a positive. My personal example was in middle school when I got a haircut that made me look like a mushroom head. I didn’t just hide in my room until it was gone. I embraced it because it made my friends laugh. The positive I took away from that is I know never to go to that barber again and also my friends got a good kick out of it.

    • Jaron says:

      maaaan, I used to cut my own hair terribly lol I know the feeling. It’s all good, either “Win or Learn” NEVER LOSE! thanks for the comment Chris!

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