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#Inspire…Motivate..Creating a Better World through Music..
and I don’t sound corny doing it… I hope not at least


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Some time ago, I stopped entertaining the idea of “real music” and began to focus on who I personally was. From that idea, came the “Real Me LP..” A collection of 10 tracks that will take you on a journey of what makes the best and realest version of Jaron(..that was 3rd person)

“I’m not a passionate music artist.. just a passionate person who happens to be a music artist..”

Music has the influence to make you push harder at the gym, change your mood or even give you a rush that makes you accidentally drive over the speed limit but most importantly… it has the power to inspire a person to be greater. I use all those elements to make it happen, one fan at a time..even the speed limit part. If you’re a J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z or Nas fan..I think I’ll fit nicely in your music collection.

..I believe there still are some true fans that respect and support their artist or band by using the old fashioned PURCHASING method.
If you’re one of them.. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart… my daughter’s eat because of you..”

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