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From about a 10yr evolution period, I grabbed my top 10 songs that I felt would inspire you the most for this project


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Who I Am
I began as a casual HipHop artist with no direction. I was always focused on lyrical delivery but, it only stemmed from wanting people to like the music and what I could “get” from it. Everything changed when I began focusing on what I could “Give” with my music instead-that’s inspiration & value.. now we’re here 🙂

The Real Me LP
No matter how many songs I made in the past, there were always a handful of tracks that were enjoyed more than others. They’re my go to tracks for inspiration to keep going, clear my head, give me energy, or sweat more in the gym. The Real Me LP is a compilation of my top 10.

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–If you’re here to simply listen, I hope you enjoy and get value from it 🙂


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