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For every time I upload a video, there’s a period of time (approximately 24 hours) before the release where I feel as if I may be wasting my time. It’s an internal battle with self doubt that most of us go through and should learn “grow through.”

The Motivation 2017 thumbnail is literally my expression before each upload 😀 It’s when I think about where I could have been, what stopped me, but more importantly, trying with every cell in my body NOT to forget that I’m doing better than I was the months and years before. Not necessarily better than another person, but better than the old Jaron.

There are certain videos I felt would do great, but did not. I also have a handful of videos I felt would do horrible but ended up doing better than the ones I felt the opposite about.

The playlist above is pretty much a compilation of both for your unique entertainment. I say “unique” because I actually had a lot of fun creating it… deciding which videos to leave out and which ones to keep actually helped me learn a good deal about myself.

Every video I’ve created since birth can be found on the JTA Blog HomePage(Click Here) but for now, here is my list of videos I am currently most proud of…


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