Jaron – ReUnited (Prod. by KayPryor)

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Hey All, here to inspire with some more music for August 2018. The song is called “ReUnited” Prod. by, KayPryor. I recorded this about three days after releasing the Winner’s Block song and pretty much did nothing with it after so I’m uploading it for you now. Instead of letting it collect dust in my computer folder, here it is for you and the lyrics for it are listed below.

(Verse 1)
Yeah, just tryna stay on course,
And you know, I often thought for long,
Music helps me maintain composure when I’m not as calm.
It’s been an awful long time since me and my first love really hit it off, years we’ve been off and on.
I contemplated change, stop and dated others, but my love probably costs a song,
relationship is complicated…

Not my favorite roller coaster, how can I explain it?
Ain’t even coasting, every time I left, she stopped and waited.
Lot of patience, ups and downs, in and out of basements,
And every new love, I felt was the wrong replacement.
Hard engagement, not a “from the heart” engagement,
The art of basic, empty promises was all it came with,
People told me wait patiently and I could make it but they never did,
That’s a dumb rule and I’ma break it.
I think different, I’ll let ya’ll convey it,
Misery loves company, it’s like ya’ll all related,
So I’m good, I read between the lines so I see beyond the pages,
Let myself advance and watch as everyone evolves and changes.
Home girl never changed on me through all my changes,
We back together now, finally in a better spot,
Birds of a feather flock together, eagles never flock,
High against the sun, I guess you can say my feathers hot,
Issues in the passed, I never persevered instead I stopped,
But now we all good, even when the weather not,
Do we got it locked? Nothing rude or metaphorical,
But I don’t like to answer cause I’m used to less rhetoricals,

Many years ago remember we collided,
Now we’re finally at a place where we can’t be divided,
I’ma keep you in my heart, buried deep inside it,
It’s forever cause we always win together, REUNITED.

(Verse 2)
No reason for us to strategize to stay together,
Cause music been where my passion lies, I say for better,
Or for worse, when we’re not together the more it hurts,
Used to sit, watch and say nothing, I can’t afford to lurk..
I hated critics, shut up and just enjoy the verse,
But any different I guess they’d think I was bored at work,
So they wouldn’t talk, if they ain’t crickets, you’re obviously a threat, so expect, that they would try to destroy you first.

That mean you making noise, be proud of that,
Better critics over crickets, I just thought of that…
said I’m good, no smooth mountains, don’t avoid the Rockies,
Or you’ll end up an average person or a boring copy…
The gift of music called for years, I ignored her proudly,
She can inspire, or make you wanna destroy your body,
Told me the music we get influenced by is sorta sloppy,
So how do you suppose you’re gonna change the world without me?

Fair enough, I said we back together but don’t think you need me,
I can inspire in other ways it just won’t be as easy…
Said it’s not the music you make, it’s what they see in you,
Theoretically music doesn’t need you, the people do…

Also, many years ago remember we decided,
We could bring people together that they keep divided,
We’re not together to make music, but to redefine it,
It’s forever cause we all win together, reunited…

Change the world… yea it sounds good… it makes a quality chat… that’s what everybody says, but all we attract is the opposite… love is what we commonly lack… I can hardly relax…


  • Julian says:

    This is has a chill vibe and deep meaning. My wife didn’t know you were talking music being your first love for a while. Keep it up. We need your music and talent!

    • Jaron (JTA) says:

      Haha thanks Julian, I definitely appreciate it. She can always slow down the tempo to get a better understanding of the message I guess 😀

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