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Most of us are familiar with the term “barely living” however, even though we’re familiarized with it we often have trouble keeping our living state out of that category.

Plenty of us wake up to alarm clocks we hate to hear, get dressed for work we don’t enjoy for a wage we feel isn’t enough. You can become dormant in these situations and feel helpless simply because you weren’t taught properly how to live a life you love.

Press to play the short 3min video below and listen as I go into further detail in regard to my wife Andrea.

Babe 2.0 – My Wife’s Story

This video, among many other videos I’m proud of actually helped me get through a lot without even realizing it. Even though I created it, often when you’re the teacher you learn more than anyone you’re teaching. With each creation, I learn a tad bit more about myself, my life and purpose. Self improvement for myself as well as anyone reading is the VERY REASON I currently LOVE creating these.

Jim Carrey said in his commencement speech to Maharishi University of Management, that his father could’ve been a stand up comedian but instead he got a “safe job” as an accountant. Later on he was let go from it and his family had to do whatever they could to survive. He said one thing he learned from his father was that you can fail at what you don’t want(referenced in the above video) so you might as well take the chance on doing what you love.

I would classify “what you love” as something that will get you up early in the morning and keep you up late at night. Many of us have issues discovering exactly what that is because we’re so busy trying to make money with something we don’t necessarily have the passion for. I struggled with this for pretty much my whole my life until I realized my passion for helping people in general was stronger than any of the businesses I started up JUST for the money.

My wife Drea realized this for herself and I’ve never seen her this happy working at a job…which is fine, as long as she knows where she’s headed. People who do what they love often don’t care about the money they’re being paid because the fulfillment outweighs the funds and usually when that happens, extra funds are then rewarded to you ?

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  • Neil says:

    I agree with what you’re saying!

    We have basically being trained to become “Robots” – working mundane jobs, living paycheck-to-paycheck, and not truly living. It’s as if we’ve all been brainwashed by society.

    A lot of folks say they’re going to do something about their situations but never do it. It’s kinda sad that we all have the potential to do something with our lives, but I guess people are scared to step outside of their comfort zones. Not to mention the fact that some folks don’t know what their passions are.

    I was also in your same position, Jaron. I struggled to find what I truly loved and then I came to realize that I get the most satisfaction from helping folks, not just the people around me, but also helping folks to start businesses online and change their lives.

    I’m BIG on motivation/inspiration, and personal development, in general. And I’ve also come across Jim Carrey speaking about his father. It is true that we should take a chance on doing something we love because what is there to actually lose in life, huh?


    • Jaron (JTA) says:

      I like where your head is at Neil.

      Yes, it’s amazing how much influence people and the media have on us to make us believe that all we have is all we can ever get. I do believe that most people are scared of change because it makes them uncomfortable which is why they never do, sad but true.

      Thank you for your input.

  • Moon says:

    Hi Jaron, this is really inspiring. Love it wh you said when you want something, go after it. Many of us are afraid to chase our dreams and I am learning to do that. Thanks for the motivation

    • Jaron (JTA) says:

      Thank you Moon! Sorry to get back to you months later lol. I’m glad I can help motivate you! Keep it up, because I know many people are watching you as well for inspiration 🙂

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