How to Learn How to Rap – Properly!

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Hey, I’m a hip hop artist named Jaron.

I want to start off by saying you’ll never correctly master how to learn how to rap if your rhythm is off. Here’s the problem, in many cases people hear good lyrics that are off tempo, therefore they dismiss the song entirely based on bad coordination.

Would you agree, that if you took two brilliantly engineered acapellas and played them at the same time, it’d sound terrific? NO, it would be terrible.. Nothing wrong with the singers, just a horrible arrangement of sound and time. It happens all the time in rap music. You can have some of the worst lyrics in the world but if they’re on beat, everyone dances and we’re all happy (have you NOT heard plenty examples on tv and radio?)


Once you have rhythm, the rapping comes easy and I’ll show you how in a minute but first let’s talk about it…


In the studio, on your jog, in your car on the way to get ice cream, turn on the music and analyze variant rhythms. After all if you want to become great at what you do, emulate someone that already is… I want you to read that slow, aloud, and once more so it sinks into your subconscious because, many have the habit of taking financial advice from people that are broke, relationship advice from singles, and music advice from…idk..interesting musicians and artists.


You can actually stop reading right now and by all means, feel free to analyze my music and rip apart my logic if you feel I’m “not that good of an artist” to give rap advice – Click to Listen


Ok, glad to have you back. As partially stated above, WHILE you’re jogging try running to the beat and tap your foot to the music in the studio a couple minutes before you articulate your message in song. Snap your fingers, do your step, not in the car obviously but really focus on nodding, snapping, and tapping TO THE BEAT and naturally your words should begin to flow in sync with the music.
The only time you should be just talking over music with no particular cadence is with SOME poetry, a narrative voice over, or other things I may not remember but NOT HIP HOP LYRICS.


Consider the Sugar Hill Gang lyrics:

“I said a hip hop,
Hippie to the hippie,
The hip, hip a hop, and you don’t stop, a rock it
To the bang bang boogie, say, up jump the boogie,
To the rhythm of the boogie, the beat
Now, what you hear is not a test –
I’m rapping to the beat..”

In the beginning he said “hip” in one millisecond then “hop” in another millisecond. He didn’t try to squeeze “hip hop hippie to the hippie” all in one breath. He split up his syllables over the rhythm to create clarity and bounce within the song.

CHECK THIS OUT! Follow me..

WOULD YOU AGREE that if he said “Rick, stop, sticky to the Nicky, the tick, big box and you won’t drop…” you’d still bob your head? You would lol and folks would still dance all because there’s a unique flow to it. Lyrics made no sense whatsoever lol yet still catchy.

Now… imagine “Dave, no, micky was a dummy, the rock, rock stepped and he got tipped.. I tried to rhyme NOTHING in that last sentence to make a point – It made no sense, did not rhyme however, still catchy. This is because all syllables were aligned the same as the original song. So it didn’t matter how incoherent the message was, it ultimately sounded good all because of…you guessed it…RHYTHM. See how that works? Lol

Now just imagine one last time…

SAME BEAT, “hip, hop, hippie to the ‘laptop computer’ the hip, hip hop and I just got pulled over…” You probably couldn’t even read that without disrupting the beat in your head…know why?? Cause it doesn’t match up with the beat AT ALL. Yet people try to do it ALL THE TIME.. no sense made in these lines JUST LIKE THE PRECEDING PARAGRAPH’S LINES, BUT..this time it sounded dreadful and off tempo…wasn’t trying to rhyme just now but you see how you can structure any lyrics over ANY instrumental to create perfection.

NOW, how do you create perfection…

Here’s a tip.. do what many haven’t. This comes with time and practice but practice lessens the time dramatically. Let’s forget about music really quick… the more you practice anything and study great people who’ve achieved what you’re striving for, the more additional knowledge, ideas, and rhymes you’ll acquire through your own 6th sense.

Meaning, your uniqueness will begin to take a shape of it’s own through practice and time. Moreover, in order to understand these random hunches of inspiration, song ideas, and lyrics that will come to you, you’d have to actually take all of the above and succeeding actions to experience them.

a good trick I often use…

Instead of rhyming words, I learned it’s better to rhyme syllables and forget about the words entirely.
Example, instead of saying:

“I haven’t eaten and I’m hungrier than ever, I’m going to make a change for the better..”

Aside from the fact that it sounds like hundreds of rappers said that same line, I’d rather say:

“I haven’t eaten and I’m hungrier than ever, showed their true colors, recently my company was better.”

No magical punch lines, just lyrically structured to please the ears. You can discuss donuts in that verse and still make it sound good.

Ex: “recently my company was better, I’m eating smearing donuts on my sweater…”

the ‘smearing donuts on my’ part barely rhymed with the above but, the beginning(eating) and the ending(sweater) DID so really lol you can go ANY WHERE you want with enough practice.

VERY important things to take from this lesson!

You will develop yourself tremendously fast through repetition of the CORRECT ACTIONS-All great leaders were once awesome followers. Most importantly and this is huge, DO NOT EVER forget to brush your teeth twice a day, wear a coat when it’s cold outdoors, and always remember, it’s good to have influence but DO NOT BECOME THE PERSON. You are you, get insight and lyric ideas if you must but BE ORIGINAL.

Originality doesn’t come overnight, but keep practicing and TRUST ME IT WILL. Believe me when I say, I used to SUCK. Don’t give up because many became successful at what I gave up on… No need to copy my mistakes, I’m here to divert you from them.

Leave comments, questions, ideas, and more strategies below because I know you have them!

Go get em!



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