How to Find My Passion in Life – 3 Tips, It Is Not Money

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I’ll attempt to paraphrase a Steve Harvey quote: Your passion or purpose is most likely something you can do the absolute best with the least amount of effort.

That’s it… Onto the tips!
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1. Enjoy it!

I also believe it should be something you somewhat enjoy doing because prior to blogging, I was great at setting banquet functions as a hotel employee however, I didn’t necessarily enjoy it. For this reason, I believe you can venture into a practice you’re absolutely fabulous in, make millions from it and never find fulfillment. Back then in the hotel environment around 2007, I had no idea how to find my passion in life but the mere fact I wasn’t happy hinted a few things.

-Ask yourself this question…
With money completely removed from the equation… What is something you would enjoy doing every single day without getting tired of it? Deep down inside you associate pain with the absence of it(probably something you’re NOT doing at your current job you would daydream about…) Having the notion you would never be compensated for it however, still a burning desire to do on a daily basis… Writing, developing software, playing video games, working out at the gym, etc? Any ideal answer for you specifically, there’s probably a 90% chance someone out there is getting paid for it as you read this.

My answer would be creating music, blogging, helping people and all else would be subcategorized under those mentioned above. These are activities I experience happiness through whether or not I get paid for them.

2. Remove Money From the Equation

Once an individual feels their passion is to make money, they usually go into a downward spiral of business and job hopping due to unfavorable results. The results being – The MONEY. You can acquire happiness this afternoon but once you feel money is the only thing that can ultimately bring’ll be unhappy in its pursuit and easily give up due to the lack of a good mental attitude in that business or job you were never passionate about to begin with.

Here’s another kicker…
If you ever were to lose the money you did in fact attain, your happiness would go away right along with it.

People remain in job situations they hate simply for the money it comes with. On another hand, someone will remain in a career they love for LESS pay. When they dislike it, the paycheck is often at the expense of their happiness, health and fulfillment. This is commonly why a person can go for more money with a similar opportunity, figuring they’ll be happier if the same headaches paid more.. Unfortunately, this reoccurs every month or two into the new occupation until they hone in to what ultimately brings them joy to practice(job hopping.)

In regard to business, when money is the only target.. shortly after each venture the mind considered a “failure,” it naturally redirects itself to shoot for the next available option in terms of finances(business hopping.) Unfortunately, the game of going from one business to the next can last longer than the time it actually takes to become massively successful in ONE SINGLE BUSINESS…ONE YOU ACTUALLY ENJOY AND STICK TO.. You can business hop for five years and miss an opportunity that would have originally taken six months to one year to accomplish.

When happiness is produced from an activity you love, time stops. When you feel as if you can do something forever, you lose track of time, accidentally skip meals and become unstoppable. This is when compensation arrives because when you love an activity enough, life tends to provide you with similar circumstances and resources to support the way you feel. Understand, you can fail at something other’s become incredibly successful in because it’s their passion, NOT YOURS. Therefore, YOU can also become incredibly successful at what others failed in simply because the passion is in you to do it!

3. Remember, Experiences Will Always Outweigh Materials

The pleasure that nice cars, big homes and finances provide are awesome however, they are all short-lived because… how many cars can you purchase? How many homes can you acquire? Exuding riches from the equation entirely, I’m sure you have an old pair of sneakers somewhere that you once loved before even making the purchase. In time, the pleasure of owning them decreased due to the lack of true happiness they failed to provide.

…In Other Words
When you seek happiness through tangibles such as money, cars, homes and shoes, it decreases with the value of those materials. Most people are unconsciously wired to feel that happiness can only come through something of monetary value, therefore, when happiness goes down… expenses go up to accommodate for the next large purchase to refresh that feeling of euphoria BUT… it only serves the purpose of “refreshing” which means it cannot be sustained unless the action is consistent. Bankruptcy anyone?

My Experiences
Cars can be repossessed, shoes can become worn out and homes can taken away unfortunately. However, time with my family, great experiences with close friends, skills I’ve learned, work I love, a heart for people, my health, being a great father or husband etc.. can NEVER be taken away from me whether or not I go bankrupt tomorrow. Flood your life with more experiences than material and you’ll become more mentally wealthy than that of the loneliest billionaire.

Re-Cap and Comments

When you enjoy your work, life will pay you an overwhelming amount for it. Finding your passion is just a matter of where happiness and fulfillment find you. Wow, I actually just thought of that myself 😀

Anyway, this is why I create music and help people in the process. My music in particular I don’t feel is made for the average ear so if you happen to fall into the “above average” category, I think you’ll be in for a treat by signing up to take a listen.

Feel free to share your thoughts and input below in regard to your passion in life as well.


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  • Guy says:

    In a perfect world, I agree with you that, doing what you love, or doing something that you feel you could do all day even without getting paid for it. And I agree with you that, it is the best way to have fulfilment in life.

    But sometimes I believe that you need to be flexible a little. If I go with the things I like, writing is one of them. Next, I like building websites that look good and doing basic SEO tasks.

    I’ve been studying how to do affiliate marketing for years now, so it makes sense for me to do a website that include all those things. So I basically started a blog about affiliate marketing for aspiring affiliate marketers teaching them all I know about the business.

    That’s how I see it anyway, and it works for me. But when it comes to writing articles on my blog, I aim at writing stuff I know about, and also like to talk about.

    • Jaron (JTA) says:

      Absolutely true and good for you. 

      I agree with the flexible part, I don’t feel like the first plan is going to be the one that brings you massive success. However, “plan A” is still “plan A” for me personally even with an altered path. 

      Thanks for your comment

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