Get Out Movie by Jordan Peele – Jaron’s Song Review

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Hey everyone, my name is Jaron and above I have my song review for the Get Out movie by Jordan Peele. Interesting concept I thought of maybe a few months back in regard to movie reviews and here is my very first.. Now, I often don’t watch these type of movies simply because of the analytical aspect of my brain that never allows me the pleasure and comfort of being simple minded.

In other words, my mind processes EVERY SINGLE ONE of my experiences over the course of 3 to 4 days until it becomes something of a more deep and powerful meaning when it could began as something little as… I don’t know.. not saying “Thank You” after I hold the door for you! (I forgive you now if you’re reading) But then of course, it would also depend on the environment, their age bracket, appearance, weather, the vibe I was in that day… And see, this is exactly what I mean 🙂 and we’re off topic already.

Anyway, shortly after the release of Get Out I was told by many to hurry up and go see it. My main reaction was “I cannot because of the way my mind works..” Later on something spoke to me and said, “..Your wiring is different and that’s EXACTLY why you NEED to go see it…” Long story short, now you’re here! I tried my best in this song not to spoil anything but more importantly than anything else is the positive message I’m trying to convey to EVERY HUMAN BEING on the planet.

Enjoy, this was fun as sht to make!!!! Yes, very passionate about this topic!

PS. The significance of using the “One Mic” instrumental by Nas is in essence.. referencing the fact that there was a time in the past where we rarely had just ONE.
I will make no money off this song but if I did and got sued, for the message it’d be so worth it! 😀

Let me know what you think!

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Song Lyrics:
(Verse 1 – Chris)
Whoa, I aint likin this… Bad vibes but feel like I don’t have the right to just,
State my opinion, you can’t really call a lie or myth,
They say it aint so, but I feel it still might exist.
It’s the mind of Chris, nothing new to be scared or terrified,
Nothing on my body’s moving but tears, I’m paralyzed,
Trying to speak, no one usually hears,
But then when I speak up, I’m labeled as the one you should fear.
Feel like I’m sunk in a hole, it’s uncomfortable here.
And I’ve been trying to get out for a number of years,
And off and on I feel I should be more advanced,
It was hard for me to move long before shorty put me in the trance.
How’d I get here? Everything is sort of strange,
Wonder if her family knew that I was black before I came,
Judged a book by the color, I don’t feel we’re on the same page,
In fact the longer that I stay, I feel you’re more deranged.
See my people buggin, I ain’t about to be next,
And Rose still ain’t find the keys yet, deep breath.
Feel like my life is over,
I love Rose…she means well, but it’s gone take everything inside me later not to choke her.

Great they voted for Obama, glad you’re watching Oprah,
I regret meeting them or ever stopping over,
Mind is over matter, think it’s corny… they made everything I think destroy me,
Gained control, made me suffer, barely laid a finger on me.
It trips me out seeing how good a person could pretend,
Welcomed me with open arms, exactly how they pulled me in,
The predicament they den put me in, aint proud of it…
You ever find yourself beginning to sink… get out of it!

(Verse 2 – Dean)
My name’s Dean and this part of the song, is to help you understand why Chris’s mind is partially gone.
We lured you in, yes.. manipulation started with charm,
The mind is a terrible thing to waste so where it doesn’t belong, we move it elsewhere.
Nice and easy, some would say I’m kind of greedy,
But you would never know, I’m smiling almost every time you see me.
What’s not to like? We fed you dinner, got an awesome wife,
You’d never think I’m racist, you know I voted for Obama twice.
In fact, in regard to whites, were not all alike,
We’re not all racists but I am, yeah I’m not as bright,
Why I think this way? Who knows? Maybe my father might…
Born into the same ignorant programming regarding life..
And it’s my dad, I was taught that parents were always right,
Conditioned to see the difference in dark and light,
I’m not intelligent enough to say if it’s wrong or right,
so I argue, fight and hate anybody that disagrees with me, keep yall advice.
War is too easy to start, and Ima drive my point home if it kills me, no reason to park,
My white friends all agree it’s hard to see in the dark,
And ignorance is gold, whatever’s said is easily bought.
United as a people, please… that don’t need to be taught,
Cause I ain’t never seen as equal, they should keep us apart,
Don’t even like the same music, I don’t see the art,
I hate this very song regardless of the meaningful thoughts,
It may provoke, like say it’s hope you the recipe for,
Because of your skin color, I’ll elect to ignore,
And turn it off, I don’t care who your messages is for,
And stand down, be like most and hit accept or ignore.

And even if your motive to was to help the needy,
Ima twist your words and still make you look bad, if they’re ignorant, they’ll believe me,
Easy to trick someone who eats, sleeps and inhales the TV,
Pure manipulation to sell a lie or to sell a CD.
Prey on the weak, the smile is where the trap begins,
When they’re intelligent, they’re much harder to apprehend,
Keep them hypnotized, they can’t tell when they’re trapped within,
It’s hard for you to get out without realizing that you’re in.

(Verse 3 – Jaron)
I’m Jaron, I think I’m easy to like.
I don’t think every race is just as dumb as Dean and his wife,
I think there’s still some good people,
I don’t mean the polite ones that smile and backstab you.. I don’t think that it’s right.
It’s not white or the black, it’s more than that,
This type of trap has kept us all divided for years,
And then we sort of act like we should keep fighting our peers to get us more relaxed,
The only thing we’re fighting is tears, we’re just resorting back..
To the main cause of the problem, we just destroy, attack and harm one other every chance we get,
This is real life, I always say it can’t be this,
But I ain’t never been the type to say it can’t be fixed.
I got a deeper method,
What if we came together and stood united up against the negative force that’s trying to keep a separate.
The more we fight, we the people lose the control,
So the longer we stay divided, we just lose as a whole.
And I know my history, where we started and all,
So I ain’t a graceful Glenn or positive Paul.
But the system can a longer break me, it’s taught to babies,
I know long before you knew who I was that you were taught to hate me.
I know the thought is crazy, even worse before the word racism was even birthed,
We were known as people first.
I’ve been doing some hard thinking and long blinking,
Realizing the longer we fight each other, we’re all sinking…

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