Duppy Cover Lyrics – Jaron

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Jaron – Duppy Cover
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Hey, I hope everyone is good.

A friend requested these lyrics, so here they are. Enjoy 🙂

Duppy Cover Lyrics

You know what.. skip the intro..

Finally.. yeah I know.. but better late than never..
All that hate in your blood will never make you better..
Now a days ain’t thinking bout beef and stay away from leather,
they’re cut from a different cloth that couldn’t make my sweater…

Same message from years ago.. just say it better..
Learned from all the L’s, they’re too busy erasing letters,
Meaning “I don’t miss,”
And these are throwaway lyrics I’m just clearing off my iPhone 6…

Y’all don’t fit, in the picture that I’m painting, get the memo,
Trust me when I tell you I see you, just from a different level,
I accept who you are, but you’re on my list of rebels,
Your hate is making you lose, stop saying it’s the devil..

Remember when I used to get aggressive on them instrumentals…
May have to bring it back, but for now it’s just the mellow,
Version of Jaron, but you’ll get stopped before you get to “hello,”
In beast mode, I’m just a gentleman that isn’t gentle..

A different schedule with better moves,
I realized everybody can’t win, so it’s fine, let em lose.. it’s a mood..
Once I stopped depending on the world to change to make my own life better, suddenly I did improve…

Inner world changed, most my outter struggles get avoided,
Waiting on people to change will leave you disappointed,
So I changed me, my new perspective is enormous,
Now everything is lined up.. in accordance,

To my better self, but my songs, I think are better boring,
Trying to convey what I just said, can get annoying,
People gonna hear what they want, so words are less important,
Blaming others makes your life continue on with less enjoyment..

So just ignore it, if you didn’t find it,
I’m talking about the message you won’t receive if you are simple minded…
Sometimes I sit in silence..
You can never interrupt the peaceful space that I’m in, if you never get invited..

No garbage can get inside it,
In fact, anyone can get what they want as long as they get excited,
Falling on our journey is normal, but if we never try it,
Failing is guaranteed, play this back to get reminded..

I talk to myself mostly when alone,
Accidentally they get turned to songs recorded in my home,
Some listen on their phone and say they’re my biggest fan, but be calling me Jarin or only know me as Jarone…

Simple flows, I don’t do a lot of thinking,
It just comes, this came through when I was eating,
And if you’re bringing drama, I ignore it, cause I do a lot of reading,
And in terms of losing sleep at night, you are not a reason.

Any beat, the flow is power,
Bought plenty beats, but chose this for my own nostalgia,
I cleaned up, the competition should go and shower,
..and if you feeling this, turn me up and promote it louder..


Thank you as always for listening/reading 🙂


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