My Music – Jaron

“Work Flow”| Denod Collab Preview

Jaron Sitting at Work

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I made most of this right at work in one of ballrooms. The finished product aside from the acapella came out pretty good tho. Guess the song

ill Mind of Jaron

Jaron Standing

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I contemplated making this for days cause I didn’t want people saying I was trying to be Hopsin. “trying to be him?? stupid comments, I don’t need em, stupid people might believe em..” Enjoy tho!

Acapella Over YouTube

Jaron Walking in a Basement

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Check it out!

First Tinox Beatz Video

First Tinox Video Still

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Woke up one morning and felt the need to kill this beat. Enough said! I went back to work real happy after. Enjoy!

Magnum Live Large Video from 2011

Jaron On Steps - Video Still

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Regardless of the video quality, I felt really good about the video and song actually. I felt like I did my best for that verse. Still proud of it!

Find Your Love Video

The Worst Video Still Ever

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Remember making this video with a really cheap camera but it came out not too bad right… yea it came out horrible…but enjoy the song anyway!

2008 BET Contest

Jaron in a Dark Living Room Pretending to Rap

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Hot 16 Contest throwback

First Video Ever

Jaron Driving and Rapping


Myspace Days (First YouTube Video EVER) Straight raw, car seat in the back seat and all! Enjoy!  

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