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Duppy Cover Lyrics – Jaron

Jaron - Duppy Image

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Jaron – Duppy Cover FREE DOWNLOAD | MP3 ‘Right Click’ ‘Save As’ FREE DOWNLOAD | ZIP FILE Hey, I hope everyone is good. A friend requested these lyrics, so here they are. Enjoy 🙂 Duppy Cover Lyrics You know what.. skip the intro.. Finally.. yeah I know.. but better late than never.. All that hate […]

Lately Song Rehearsal

Jaron on Instagram

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View this post on Instagram What do you think? ?or?Something I finished last week fooling around at work.. beat by @krissiobeats Enjoy #Inspire #KeepGoing #MeditationIsAwesome lol LoveYall ❤️? A post shared by JaRon Davis (@jaronddavis) on Feb 6, 2020 at 11:01am PST

Babe 3.0 – Jaron feat. Joy, Zoe & Bey (Drea’s Song)

Drea and the Kids

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Hey You! Here to inspire with another SONG(VIDEO) for my wife congratulating her on receiving her Masters Degree in Social Work! I have featured our two daughters, Joy, Zoe and Beyonce without her approval because I do not have her phone number. Please understand that if Drea can do it, you can also! Never forget, […]

Jaron – ReUnited (Prod. by KayPryor)

Jaron - ReUnited Picture


Hey All, here to inspire with some more music for August 2018. The song is called “ReUnited” Prod. by, KayPryor. I recorded this about three days after releasing the Winner’s Block song and pretty much did nothing with it after so I’m uploading it for you now. Instead of letting it collect dust in my […]

Free Inspirational Music Online – Winner’s Block by, Jaron

Winner's Block Image - Track

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 Hey all, here to inspire with some more free inspirational music online. Title of this song is “Winner’s Block” by Jaron. Produced by KayPryor and StreetEmpire. Enjoy Above, Lyrics Below Song Lyrics You wanna hear great? come right here. Not concerned with them other people y’all might fear, You must have accidentally told someone […]

Love You Man -R.I.P. Daddy

Jaron and Dad


I normally have mouthful to say in many posts but for this one… at the moment (12/13/17) I’m a bit speechless. This post/video is a tribute to one of the best men I’ve ever encountered, my father. R.I.P. Daddy.. Way too soon, still unbelievable but a life ABSOLUTELY well lived! Love you man ❤️ -Jaron

Get Out Movie by Jordan Peele – Jaron’s Song Review

Get Out Song Review- Cover

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Hey everyone, my name is Jaron and above I have my song review for the Get Out movie by Jordan Peele. Interesting concept I thought of maybe a few months back in regard to movie reviews and here is my very first.. Now, I often don’t watch these type of movies simply because of the […]

Jaron – What You Know About Him (Prod. by KingPaul)

Jaron on Stairs

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Here’s an audio/video I made for my latest release, “What You Know About Him” Produced by KingPaul. I’m becoming a lot more consistent with uploading because in late 2016, I became more consistent with exercising(clearing my mind) early in the morning everyday. After a while, that same discipline spilled into the music area of my […]

Motivation2017 – Jaron (Produced by, KrissiO) – Video

Jaron - Motivation 2017 Cover

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Among all the brand new hip hop songs, here is one of mine: Motivation 2017. Enjoy 😉 Let me know what you think (Direct YouTube Link | Click Here) #Motivation2017 #Inspire #PleaseSHARE With Someone This Video Might Help Song Lyrics: (Verse 1) I find myself getting annoyed a little With low class lyrics, I barely […]

Waves – Mr Probz (Jaron’s Cover) – Video

Jaron Holding Joy on Shoulder Image


I mean…where do I start? With everything going on today in media I wanted to make a ‘feel good track‘ with a feel good picture and completely ignore negativity IN GENERAL. I actually didn’t even want to write that just now, because then your subconscious reminds you that it exists… So forget that second sentence […]

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