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A thought….

Self Worth Sign

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      A Thought…..       “Understanding your self worth is the beginning of progress…” -Jim Rohn like…how much are you worth to society, family, husband, wife, children etc… if you do nothing all day? What about all month? Try all year.. a year is a lot of time to waste but the […]

Motivation 2013

2 Jarons Battling

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Jaron -Motivation 2013 (DFUOB #5 Entry) Prod by Dj Hoppa

Motivation 2012

Jaron in the Woods

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In my opinion probably one of the best videos I’ve done so far! Enjoy!

First Video Ever

Jaron Driving and Rapping


Myspace Days (First YouTube Video EVER) Straight raw, car seat in the back seat and all! Enjoy!  

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