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Getting Things Done – Facebook Video

Sitting in the Car With Joy

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Getting things done isn’t always easy when you don’t break them up into manageable peaces. #WorkSmart

You’re Terrible – Facebook Video

You're Terrible in A Tie

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I enjoy starting because I know 2, 5 or 10 years from now I won’t suck as much as I did in the beginning. #YoullSuckAtIt #KeepGoing

Waves – Mr Probz (Jaron’s Cover) – Video

Jaron Holding Joy on Shoulder Image


I mean…where do I start? With everything going on today in media I wanted to make a ‘feel good track‘ with a feel good picture and completely ignore negativity IN GENERAL. I actually didn’t even want to write that just now, because then your subconscious reminds you that it exists… So forget that second sentence […]

How to Learn How to Rap – Properly!

Sugar Hill Gang Image


Hey, I’m a hip hop artist named Jaron. I want to start off by saying you’ll never correctly master how to learn how to rap if your rhythm is off. Here’s the problem, in many cases people hear good lyrics that are off tempo, therefore they dismiss the song entirely based on bad coordination. Would […]

Rapping at Work (late post) | Video

Jaron in Uniform

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Why I haven’t posted a video I created about 3 months ago YET? WHO KNOWS! Here it is tho, me rapping at work over a KrissiO instrumental. About a minute long, enjoy! Post by JaRon Davis.

Drake 0 to 100 (Jaron’s Mix)

Jaron - 0-100 Image

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Drake – 0 to 100 (Jaron’s Mix) This cover seriously took WAAAAY to long to actually BEGIN recording, but here it is! Jaron – 0 to 100, hope you enjoy it! Share, repost, use the music in your videos, etc.

“Forever” Blog

Forever Sitting on Some More Stairs

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Check out my Update on my Forever Track!(there’s music inside)

Pound Cake 2014 Video Blog

Jaron Sitting in the Office Speaking

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I think this is my first blog to be honest…lol…crazy I never even did ONE until now. I actually had fun tho, check it out!! (there’s music inside)

A thought….

Self Worth Sign

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      A Thought…..       “Understanding your self worth is the beginning of progress…” -Jim Rohn like…how much are you worth to society, family, husband, wife, children etc… if you do nothing all day? What about all month? Try all year.. a year is a lot of time to waste but the […]

Watch Me 2013 Contest Video

Jaron Sitting and Writing

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Check it out!!

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