Babe 3.0 – Jaron feat. Joy, Zoe & Bey (Drea’s Song)

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Hey You!

Here to inspire with another SONG(VIDEO) for my wife congratulating her on receiving her Masters Degree in Social Work! I have featured our two daughters, Joy, Zoe and Beyonce without her approval because I do not have her phone number.

Please understand that if Drea can do it, you can also! Never forget, there is a 95% chance that someone out there is extremely successful in what you are in pursuit of right now. Let that person be the blueprint and proof that anything is possible for you as well! I spoke briefly on this in my Babe 2.0 Video.

The song is a cover of me saying lyrics over the Jay Z and Kanye West track “Lift Off” featuring Beyonce.

Enjoy the song 🙂

Lyrics Below

Zoe: Check 1, 2
Joy: Check 1, 2


Get em BABE! Check.. Uh.
Don’t even realize what you did,
beautiful example for our kids.
Growing may be kinda rocky but they’ll finish strong because they (Joy/Zoe)follow Mommy,
Everything you want, you always go for, spirit so pure, experience is out of body,
I could probably find another wife,
Not another you, cause there’s no one a like,
And even if she was amazing,
It could never represent the same thing,
A ton of excellence, the same dream,
Only encompasses a brave queen,
I’ll solidify each point slow,
You represent (Joy)Babe 3.0.
Everywhere they said she can’t go,
You made it possible, reap and sow then reaped again,
Thought your time was up, checked the clock and told each hand “no,”
Now your spirit is a free channel,
So let the good vibes flow,
Keep showing them what’s possible,
And don’t forget, you are phenomenal!
It’s possible, it’s possible,
You can make it there on any budget,
It’s possible, you’re powerful,
Women look at you and you remind them of it,
Phenomenal is what you are, that’s the message you convey and that’s why I love it,
Told yourself “there’s nothing I can’t do,”
Younger girls are saying (Joy/Zoe)”I can too…”

Was a time when you were not as calm,
Elevation, you’ve been moving all along,
Dedication, struggle? you were not alarmed,
The bottom is a place where you do not belong,
What you didn’t get wasn’t meant to be, just a strategy to move you outta harms, way…
Now you okay, speeding pass anyone who felt that you were not as strong.

Celebrate, glowing up with grace,
Let em hate, the glow is on your face,
Better state, show them how to place first,
Educate em babe, the globe is outta shape,

Show them they’re potential, show them outer space,
Show them all the stars, show em they relate,
The teacher when they feel alone and outta place,
On schedule, guess you were not as late… Zoe- “Celebrate”

As you used to think you were,
Fly amongst the stars, you can see the earth,
From where you are now, still humble,
All the times you wondered if your dreams would even work,

3.0 is just a term I use to help articulate a better version of yourself,
What you’re destined for is slowly just revealing,
Brace yourself, this still only the beginning!

Thanks for listening!

Comment and let me know some of YOUR goals!

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