Jaron PictureHey, I’m Jaron and I’m sometimes but not always known as “Jaron the Artist” or “JTA” ..well a long time ago in the Myspace days..which was over 10 years ago so just call me Jaron I guess 🙂

The Important Stuff
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I believe that a better world can be fueled by love and compassion for others. Therefore, on a regular basis I make it a point to spread as much of it as I can through my music, videos, blogging and basic daily interaction.

It’s amazing how a smile or simple holding of a door can quickly change a negative encounter to a positive.

Music is one of the largest behavioral influences of this generation and will continue to be for years to come.. So I’m glad I just “happen” to be a music artist as well an inspiration to others.

I live in East Hartford, CT with 3 Princesses, my beautiful wife Drea plus my 2 daughters, Joy and Zoe.

*Side note: Originally my wife was in this picture but she asked that she be removed… as I was cropping her out she threw something at me and told me to keep it but the damage was already done… the real pic is on Twitter or something, feel free to lurk.

More on the photo you see on this page, it’s actually pretty dated because I’m A LOT taller now. I think I was around 5’7″ around the time it was taken and I’m now 5’8″ so excuse that error…not like you can tell in the pic anyway but I’m writing relevant words… and that matters online so I was going to delete this part but eh… I didn’t. I should probably retire that joke now.

Would YOU Like My Music?
I’m not really big on comparisons but a lot of people compare me to J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z and a few others(yes, I did write that.) I’m always humbled to be thrown in that category but quite honestly, I don’t see the point of making music, blogging or simply inspiring someone else if you’re not being the BEST YOU you can be to make the impact.

It’s my job to make your gym workouts, dancing, or your IQ(when I’m in a deep & thoughtful message driven vibe)..BETTER! I don’t see the point of doing something if you’re not doing the best you can. I never felt like I was born to be average and if you enjoy my music…you probably weren’t either.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this site as much as I enjoy improving it for you.

This particular page is just here to let you know I’m a real human, not an official bio..professionalism at an all time low.. nothing fancy and I’m cool with that if you are. I look forward to communicating more with you.

Talk soon,

-Jaron aka “JTA” (whatever :-D)