Jaron Picture
Who Am I?
Hey, I’m Jaron and I smile a lot because when I was younger I barely did…

– which explains why my earlier music was pretty aggressive but, the evolution helped me to become more versatile because, I’m still able to deliver a track full of energy or just bring a more calm and relaxed vibe if I need to.

Trying to give value and making music are just extensions of my true self and I encourage others to be their true self in all they do as well.

The Winner’s Block WB Logo
The WinnersBlock philosophy is the idea that we’re not trying to win over anyone else except the person we were yesterday.. so keep winning.

The heartbeat in the logo represents life, good vibrations, love, getting active, working to be better, the rhythm of the music and your own life story, etc.. The “W” is emphasized in the center because it represents a “WIN.” Ultimately, every beat is a Win.

The fact that you’re even here reading this means we possibly share the same values. I never felt like I was born to be average and if you enjoy my music, you probably weren’t either.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this site as much as I enjoy improving it for you.

This particular page is just here to let you know that I’m just like you and it’s not an official bio.. nothing fancy and I’m cool with that if you are. I look forward to communicating more with you.

All Love,