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A Thought…..




“Understanding your self worth is the beginning of progress…” -Jim Rohn

like…how much are you worth to society, family, husband, wife, children etc… if you do nothing all day? What about all month? Try all year.. a year is a lot of time to waste but the days add up FAST when you don’t pay them any mind like many do.

but just add up the worth of that one day of “nothingness..” do you feel you’re worth more? If so, do more.

Right now there’s an unemployment line full of awesome workers who would love to be on your payroll to help your business thrive… But they got laid off & your business that you thought about quitting can help them get back up…Don’t let them down…

“Wait for NO ONE to begin” as I was told before. GET UP NOW & MAKE THE DIFFERENCE BECAUSE YOU ARE WORTH MORE…

Good Day- JD

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