“I never felt I was born to be average and if you like my music, you probably weren’t either..”

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Jaron plus comments
Who Am I?
Hey – I’m Jaron and I’ve been making music on and off since I was maybe 11. A handful of people believed in me for years but I DIDN’T.. I realized that was a mistake when I lost my “safe management position” in 2020 and now I have no choice but to finally believe in myself.
..and I’m into pushing others to do the exact same.

The Sound
If you wear headphones working out, maybe running.. or planning an Everest climb, I think you’ll like what you hear. I’ve heard my music in a good amount of gaming and sports videos online but I also have a mellow side because I try not to limit what I can do musically.

Free Music
For a Limited time(ironically ^ lol), I’m giving away 2 of my top singles as a preview of that versatility I mentioned above.

–Both tracks have a lot of energy but one has a little more than the other.
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Lets Connect, Lets Build 🙂
Most of my music is only released on this site because I’m passionate about getting to know who’s listening. I’ll take 1 authentic fan over 1,000 random streams because I know that most of my supporters are creators with similar aspirations. I’m just as interested in your story as I live my own.

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It’s All Love and hope you enjoy the music,

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