“I never felt I was born to be average and if you like my music, you probably weren’t either..”

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Jaron plus comments
Who Am I?
Hey – I’m Jaron and I made music for fun until some college friends and co-workers convinced me of going full time.. Years later, I realized that my purpose was more than just trying to be lyrical on random topics – So I began honing in on inspiration and good vibes with my voice because the world can use more of it.

The Sound
I like the challenge of bringing the max amount of energy to a song to make you get active but, I can still deliver the calm and laid back vibe when it’s needed. Music is always evolving so that’s the reason I put no limits on my own. However, I do enjoy listening to the earlier Nas and Jay-Z era type music over this new age feel but, it’s still all love if that’s your thing, it’s just not mine..

Free Music
For a Limited time, I’m giving away 2 of my top singles as a preview of that versatility I mentioned above.

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Lets Connect, Lets Build 🙂
Most of my music is only released on this site because I’m passionate about knowing who my music may have inspired. I’ll take 1 authentic fan over 1,000 random streams because I know that most of my supporters are creators with similar aspirations, so I’m just as interested in your story as I live my own. Fill in your email, let’s build & help each other!

It’s All Love and hope you enjoy the music,

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